Created in 2012, Moigus represents a passionate and innovative brand. Moi in French means ‘me’. -gus is taken from Gusto, a word with many positive connotations, including great passion and vigorous enjoyment. Together, Moigus represents My Passion, a reference to consumers’ proclamations of their life beliefs and the Moigus’ dedication to producing the best in style and technology. Life is about connecting to your favourite people, great music and simple moments. Here at Moigus, we understand, and that’s why we came up with the stylish and vibrant Moijuice battery pack that allows you transfer files and data to and from your devices with your flash drives. Moijuice also allows the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time. A multitude of colors and capacity options allows for your expression of individuality. Sharing great moments has never been made easier than this. Power On, Stay Connected !